About Marlene

We want to offer our customers a unique online boutique shopping experience.

This is what we do when we look for unique and exceptional products every day. With us you will not find the Multi-Chain One Loan. With us you will consciously find selected products for you.

As a young start-up, we cannot afford a big camp. That is why many of our products come directly from the producers. Challenge: sometimes the delivery takes a little longer.We usually send you your product within two to four weeks.Advantage: we can offer our products much cheaper because we have no wholesale, no storage and handling costs. You just need a little more patience.

Speaking of producers, we place great emphasis on sustainable production, natural materials where possible and fair payment.

If you have noticed a product that fits well in our shop, let us know. If we use your recommendation, you will receive a voucher from us.

Your team, Marlene